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#33 Monsanto India: Touching millions of lives By
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#33 Monsanto India: Touching millions of lives

Employees at Monsanto India Ltd. take pride in the fact that they are able to touch the lives of millions of farmers by enhancing farm productivity and farmer incomes, thus improving their lives. Monsanto is a leading global provider of technology-based solutions and agricultural products that improve farm productivity. The company is focused on enabling both small-holder and large-scale farmers to produce more food, feed, and fibre from their land, while conserving more of the world’s natural resources such as water and energy. The unique blend of culture, business and people is what makes Monsanto India rank #33 in the Great Place to Work® Institute’s Study and #1 in the Industry Category of the Agro-based / Dairy / Poultry sector. It is around these aspects that the company has built its value system. Let’s see how…

No one-way or two-way communication here…
…for Monsanto India follows the system of circular communication. Transparent, uninhibited communication is the lifeline to their business model. The company operates in a highly matrix organization and hence it is imperative that each member communicates with the other in an open, free and transparent manner. This enables sharing of diverse ideas, perspectives and opportunities across the cross-functional teams within the organization and helps leverage strength of synergies.
Dialogue, Transparency, Sharing are key elements of the ‘Monsanto Pledge’ - their value statement, their commitment to how they do business. Various communication forums such as Monsanto Today, Glimpses (Monsanto India’s newsletter), Functional Conferences, Management and Leadership Forums, one-to-ones with employees, et al, have been created to facilitate the flow of correct and real time information. The open office culture encourages colleagues to voice their opinions through round-table conversations and frequent one-to-one interactions. Regular discussions in addition to unique annual upward developmental feedback tool and process (L-180) helps managers better understand their strengths and identify their development areas. Monsanto’s human rights policy protects all employees against any kinds of harassment. In case of any violations of business conduct or human rights, one can make use of reporting mechanisms, which include telephone hotlines and email channels.

Freedom to choose your own role
At Monsanto, employees have the freedom to take the advantage of the ample opportunities available to them to build their capabilities and skills and move ahead in their careers. The company takes a holistic approach to people development and provides opportunities such as the People Review and Individual Development Plan that encourage employees to have their own unique individual development plans, encouraging working in matrix and cross-functional teams to have diversity of ideas, on-the-job training programs, Subsidized Education and Tuition Policy, Skill Inventory, et al to help employees shape their career.

Rewards and Recognition
Monsanto offers a place where individuals can be proud to grow and make a difference by stimulating cross functional challenges in a creative and encouraging environment providing a platform for success. The organization encourages and recognizes the good work and stretch efforts of their colleagues. They are consistently rewarded, both personally and professionally. Some of the awards include Rapid Recognition Awards, Insanely Great Customer Challenge Awards, Monsanto Excellence Awards, Region and Business Awards, Distinguished Development Awards and Service Awards.

Safety a way of life at Monsanto
Monsanto follows a comprehensive global Environment, Safety and Health (ESH) policies and procedures and keeps its commitment to create a safe and healthy workplace. The culture of safety is promoted and further reinforced through regular training and education on safety measures for driving, at work and even off the job safety.

An interactive half hour safety time-out session is led by the Chairman every quarter. In partnership with Hero Honda, Monsanto also successfully implements a two-wheeler safety program for their contractual employees. This year, they instituted an interactive Vehicle Safety newsletter to provide useful tips, guidelines and updates on on-road safety.



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